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A motion sensor light triggers a response when motion is detected. They can be installed indoors, on walls, ceilings, and in doorways, or outside, on the exterior of buildings and homes. Some kinds of motion sensor lights, called occupancy sensors, operate by turning off lights in unoccupied rooms and spaces. When motion is detected, the sensor triggers the light; when motion stops being detected, the sensor shuts off the light. Occupancy sensors are one low-maintenance method for cutting down on electricity bill charges from lights left on when no one is home or in a room.

Occupancy sensors can be controlled and adjusted to meet the user’s needs, but how do you adjust motion sensor lights? Typically, two forms of motion sensor light control are offered: sensitivity and time delay. A sensitivity setting enables the user to adjust the magnitude of motion that must occur to trigger the sensor. If properly set, a person walking in a room with a motion sensor trigger should activate the sensor, but a fly passing through shouldn’t result in turning on the motion lights. A time delay setting allows the user to determine how long the lights should remain on after the sensor is triggered if no further motion is detected.

Motion light sensors can also be used in external applications, on the outside of homes and buildings, to sound an alarm or to turn on an outside light to announce a person’s presence.
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