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Front-facing fog lights and fog lamps are a type of automotive headlight that is designed to emit light in a bar-shaped beam. The beam is typically designed to have a sharp cutoff on top, and the actual lights are usually installed low and aimed toward the ground at a sharp angle.

The position and orientation of fog lights can be compared and contrasted with high beam and low beam headlights to reveal exactly how different these seemingly similar devices are. High beam and low beam headlights are both aimed at a relatively shallow angle, which allows them to illuminate the road surface a great distance in front of a vehicle. In contrast, the sharp angle used by fog lights means that they only illuminate the ground immediately in front of a vehicle.

Some fog lights produce selective yellow light, and there is a relatively widespread misconception that all fog lights have yellow bulbs, yellow lenses, or both. In fact, selective yellow has actually been used for both fog lights and regular main beam headlights at various points throughout the history of the automobile. So while some fog lights do produce selective yellow light, many produce white light.

It’s actually the bar-shaped beam of light, and the way that the beam is aimed, that makes a fog lamp a fog lamp, rather than the color.
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